Dating tips for transgender women

Having a successful dating is not easy for everyone, especially for transgender woman. I started my first date at 15, had my sexual reassignment surgery at 19, now I’m a confident transgender woman at 24. I cannot remember how many dates I had in these years, and I’ve date with almost all types of men.

My dating stories are both interesting and unbelievable, and here are four types of guy I’ve met before:

Unaccepting Men
This kind of men are mostly come from a conservative family.

My Experience
We’ve date with him for three times before, and I was starting to like him. We were go walk in a peaceful night, I’d thought that the man would be the one I want. When I asked”what about Bisexual, Lesbian and transgender?” “Bisexual and Lesbian are acceptable, except transgender” he said. I had a fear about what he said, and I thought it was time to tell him something about me. I went to tell him all my stories, including how I became a transgender woman. “I can’t do anything” he said, then I knew what he meant. “I don’t want to explain anything to you, I want to find someone can really accept me” I said. Our relationship has ended like this.

My Conclusion
I felt depressed at first. After sharing my story with my friends, I knew that every I met before will helps me become who I am and know what I want. Transgender women should be confident to find someone that really appreciate you, not just a man to say with.

Semi-Accepting Men
They respect transgender women but can’t persuade themselves to be with a transgender woman.

My Experience
I met another man several months later. He is handsome and interesting. I told him my story and I’m a transgender women, unlike the conservative men, this man seemed quite acceptable for who I am. After a few dates, I expressed my love to him, and I knew he loves me too. ” I really love you, but I need several days to think about our future relationship”, he said. After much thought, I knew that, he loves me and can accept me, but this is not only a matter of two person, they need to think of his family as well.

My Conclusion
This kind of men love and respect transgender women. Through the increased interactions, they are likely to completely accept you. As a transgender woman, you can change their mind by acting as a normal woman. In fact, you are more attractive and beautiful than most women.

Over-Accepting Men
They prefer to transgender women, and want to be with transgender women.

My Experience
I met a guy, strongly desire to date with me when we first chat with each other. Several days later, we had our first dating. This dating experience is different from others. “I know you are a transgender woman, and I like to date with you,” he said, it suprised me so much. But waht made me sad is that I noticed he was up to no good. I ended this date here.

My Conclusion
Don’t be deceived by appearances and never date with a man before you really know him. As a transgender woman, you should protect yourself from harm at a trans dating. Meanwhile, we should always believe there are more good people than the bad.