Essentials Of A Trans Friendly Dating App

Smartphones have gained a lot of importance in our lives. People have become addicted to it. Almost all our day to day activities are now been conducted on smartphones. Even when we talk about 21st century dating and relationships, smartphones have taken it over. There are certain apps exclusively built for the purpose. Tinder, of course being the most famous one that lets you swipe left or right based on your choice whether to express willingness to date a certain guy or girl on tinder or to ignore him/her.

What has been ignored is the transgender and LGBTQ community. These being minority are normally being ignored when we talk about FTM dating or trans hookup. Transgenders at times face discrimination from mainstream society and a lot of times strive for their acceptance. They need a separate portal where they can connect and communicate with the ones they share common interests with. They need their own TS date app. A tinder trans app. Given all the requirements of transexuals, here are some of the essential features that a Trans friendly dating app must have:

Coping up with privacy issues and possible frauds

First and foremost issue with online dating apps is the privacy issue and frauds. People catfish some genuine seekers online and intend to harm them. The magnitude is more in case of ts hookup app. Profiles should be verified through a proper process and instances of frauds and blackmailing should be carefully dealt with.

Customer support and quick response

This is the key to success for any product or service that you intend to sell. For those whose app has just recently been launched, customer support will be crucial for a lot of faults, bugs or glitches may arise. They need to respond timely.

A wider category base to choose from

There has been an issue raised in regard to this. Another dating apps are not too inclusive. An ideal trans hookup app must know the different categories of transexuals and provide those options in sexual orientation and looking for section.

A ‘Find local transgenders nearby’ option

Just like tinder, the best trans hookup app must have an option to locate matches in the areas nearby the location of the user. This will keep him updated about potential dates falling under his/her radar.

A chat as well as group chat option

Texting is a basic function that every app provides, be it dating or non dating. An ideally best trans dating app should not just have an option for private chatting but also a provision for formulating groups for chatting.

Interesting paid features as well

A lot of paid features can be added to the app as well. This may include shopping various apparel or other merchandise on your phone, giving gifts card etc.

A video calling is need of the hour

Video calling is nowadays available in all the apps. This is the best way to connect to your peers or your date.

Interesting compatibility quiz and games can be added to keep the transexuals couple.