Reasons why Transsexual Women didn’t get a true Dating Partner for long term relationship

Dating a transgender woman is only for sexual pleasure and to fulfill your personal desires and fantasies – this is the common thinking that every man have that is going to date a transsexual women or having a dream to date with a transsexual women. But this is not at all correct as t-women also have their emotions and self respect. They too are looking for personal satisfaction instead of sexual desires. Yes, it true that having sex is the main purpose behind dating but is it really true that having sexual relations is the only purpose behind dating? Not, it not true, having sex with your partner is the one of the reason for dating but not the only reason for dating and when we talk about transsexual dating and transsexual woman.

Transsexual women too looking for regular dating and long term relationship, but they hardly find the one in their entire life. This is due to some of the reason that stood behind them. Here are few reasons that transsexual women never got a success in having a long term relationship with their dating partner or never treated well in dating also.

One of the main reasons of not having a long term relationship is – it’s a common thinking among all men that transsexual women is always looking for money after having sexual relations. This is not at all correct but it’s quite a common misunderstanding between men who are looking to date with a transsexual woman. Transsexual woman is not after your money, like other real women, they also looking for true love and affection from their dating partner.

Dating a transsexual woman considered them as a Gay – This is another misconception between men that if you are dating with a transgender women, you may be considered as gay and they really don’t want to be considered themselves as gay. But this is truly an incorrect and you won’t be considered to be a gay if you are dating with a transsexual woman.

Transsexual woman likes to date a real man and not a man with a gay personality. Transsexual women are not men anymore and they really want to consider themselves as a women rather than a man. Gay dating means that you are not dating with opposite gender but love to date with a same gender and i.e male or we can say man to man dating.

Transsexual Women never give birth to kids – This is one of the real reasons that most of the time transsexual woman are neglected to have a long term relationship or not always the first choice for long term relationship with men. It is fact that transsexual women never give birth to kids and this is the only thing that makes men to stop dating with transsexual women or think about any long term relationship with them.

So, here are the most common reasons that why any transsexual women didn’t find a date for long term.

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