Famous transgender people that we all admire

Transgender people cannot accepted by everyone, and life for transgender people is even not easy. There are some brave and famous transgender people share their stories with us.

Chanel West Coast

Did you know that There's a lot of people who think that Lee Norris, the actor who played Stuart minkus on "Boy Meets World," became a trans woman? If you don't remember Minkus, he was the blonde, brainy kid with the geeky glasses. Because of their similar features, there's a rumor going around that Lee Norris became Chanel West Coast. We have  to admit that they do kind of look alike, but we have no idea how this rumor started. Lee Norris and Chanel West Coast are two separate people with separate careers in the entertainment biz. Lee is still an actor today and was last featured on "the walking dead," "girls meets world," and "gone girl." Chanel West Coast is a rapper and actress best known for her role as a rapping secretary on "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory." When Chanel was asked to clear up the minkus rumor by Lmnola La, she said that she feels bad for Lee Norris because people truly believe that he's transitioned into her. Nobody realizes that he still has a budding acting carrer. That's because the world doesn't even think that he exists in his male form anymore. This likely all started because someone noticed that the two look alike and thought that it would be a funny joke. However, transitioning is a very tough thing for people to go through and it is not a joking matter.

Geena Rocero

Before Geena Rocero came out as transgender, everyone knew he as a model. They only learned that she was a "boy" at birth when she announced it during a ted talk back in 2014. Geena was super nervous to give her speech because she knew that it would change her life forever, but she also felt like she was finally about to set herself free. She had gender reassignment surgery when she was 19 years old, which is something that the majority of her friends didn't even know before her ted talk. Her worst fear was that the media would find out the truth about her, which would cause people to not view her as a real women anymore. Her agents had no idea that she was transgender until her speech happened, but they said that the news didn't change anything. Geena decided to come forward about her past because she wanted to inspire other trans people to live truthfully without feeling ashamed. She was only five years old when she first told her mom that she was a girl. Thankfully, her family fully accepted her for who she was. When talking about how she labels herself, Geena admitted that she likes to call herself a trans model, instead of a model, because she wants to represent the trans community. her hope for thr future is that the fashion world will hire more trans models, because their stories need to be told.