How to be less awkward on the first trans dating?

1. Talking about topics that both interested in

It is not easy to find a common topic when dating a transgender person for the first time, because you may don't know trans people and trans dating very well. It is a red flag if your partner feels like an interview when dating with you. It may leads to awkward pauses if you don't know what to talk about when dating a trans people. No matter trans dating or ordinary dating, you need to find something interesting to talk about before meeting your partner. You can read their profiles to know about their habits and interests. By this way, you can find some common topics to talk about. Another way is to focus on the current affairs. It means you can talk about the current affairs with your partner. It is not easy to make sure whether she is interested i this topic, but it is a common topic to talk about and avoid awkward pauses.
2. Avoid awkward topics
If you want to avoid awkward pauses, you need to avoid awkward topics firstly. What are awkward topics? Personal topics. You should know that you don't know each other before, you are still a stranger to your date. will you ask any personal questions when talking with a stranger? So, never ask for personal information when you meet your trans date for the first time. Topics about transition. When you date a trans person, it is rude to ask talk anything about transition. Don't treat them as trans people, just do as usual. Topics on finances, this is a common sense, don't ask any questions about finances when you meet someone for the first time, not only in dating but also in all situations. Talking about past relationships. You cannot talking about your past relationship, your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, and you should not ask your date anything about their past relationships. Dating is a new start for both you and your partner.
3. Plan some activities
When it comes to dating, many people just ask their partner out, sitting face to face and talking. It is so awkward to talk with a stranger in several hours, because both you and your date don't know each other very well, and there are few topics to talk about. You can change your way of dating to be less awkward on the first trans dating. For example, you can plan some activities, like doing sports, taking a class, watching a movie and etc.. By this way, you can create some topics to talk about, the process of activity is the best way to know each other. For people who are dating in old fashioned ways, the best way to know other people is conversation. However, not everyone is telling the truth on the first dating. There are many effective ways to know your date. What's more, you can have a better understanding on your date through activities, like her personality, habits and more. Instead of chatting with someone for several hours, you'd better plan an activity.