6 reasons your online profile didn't get you a trans date

The transition from texting to trans dating IRL transgender people can be a slow process. You have to try to connect with someone, find common ground, and finally be brave enough to ask someone out. Sometimes the process can be a little tricky and confusing, especially when the person you've been chatting with suddenly disappears. While we strongly disapprove of ghosting and always want people to make it clear that they're not interested in a real trans date, it's worth asking yourself if there's something in your message that might have taken the initial spark away. Here are six reasons your text message might not get you a trans date.

You sound negative

Even if you hate your job, your roommate, or the political situation, now is not the time to complain because you won't make a good first impression. Of course, we all have troubles and disappointments in our life, which can be Shared later, but first, it is important to keep optimistic.

Your message is too long

If someone reads an article every time they hear from you, they will soon get bored. The unbearable length of the text makes it difficult to know how to respond, which means they probably won't. Keep it short and quick, and remember that if you connect now, you'll have plenty of time to share your life stories later.

Your message is too short

At the other end of the spectrum are messages that are so short that there’s nothing for your potential transgender date to respond to. Messages that simply say ‘Hey!’ or ‘What’s up?’ are WAY less engaging than those that offer people an easy way to respond. Referring to something in their profile and asking them a question does most of the hard work for them, so you’re much more likely to get a reply.

You use text messages to complain about your ex

This is an extremely bad move. While it can be tempting to denigrate your ex, especially if you're new to being single, it can make you look like a) you don't take them seriously and b) you're miserable going out. These are not attractive qualities or a good basis for a new relationship, so don't do them.

Your message sounds obviously copy-pasted

Generic messages are easy to find and easy to ignore, so don't try to spam multiple users with the same old lines. We assure you that it would be far better to work sincerely with everyone and write something unique for them.

You can't easily fix a time to meet

We know you're busy, but if you want to meet someone, you have to give yourself time to go on a trans date. Figure out what fits into your schedule and when to stick to it. Being odd or uninterested will stop people from texting you