Online dating for transgender women

As a transgender woman, I've tried so many online dating websites and apps, such as tinder, okcupid, bumble and others. They are great apps for female-male dating and relationships. So I identify them as straight dating apps. I've also date some straight and cisgender men. I always think that I'm open enough to date both cisgender men and trans men, but I have never had any opportunities to have a transgender dating.

Unlike other transgender women, I never hide the truth about who I am. I think it is necessary to tell other people that I'm trans when I first chat with them on ts dating. I know that dating someone who is super transphobia is very dangerous, so before dating someone in real life, I will make sure he can really accept dating trans women. It is a dangerous situation when someone who cannot accept ts dating find that you are trans. Instead of bring myself into an awkward situation, I choose to disclose who I'm before meeting them in real life. When it comes to online transgender dating, I would say at the very beginning of my profile that I'm transgender. In order to attract other people's attention, I'd like post some pictures in which I'm charming and beautiful. However, I found that there are some transgender women post pictures with their naked body on ts date sites. I cannot understand why they do like that. I'm always looking for serious relationships, so I would never post pictures that might be misunderstood by other people. I would never recommend who I'm and what''s my advantages to someone who is unfriendly to transgender women, because they never give me any chances to communicate with them. This is also the main reason I turned to online trans website. Almost everyone on this ts websites and apps are friendly to trans women, they are looking for transgender women online. There are many chances for me to meet like-minded guys for dating.

It is easy to meet men who fetishize trans women online, I've also met some guys like that. They date trans women to fulfill their fantasies, they are not look for a dating partner, but a trans woman with beautiful face and body to meet their special needs. Most of trans fetishes would ask private questions when they find their prey online. Another common feature of them is that they are more open-minded than most of other people you met. I will never date men who fetishize transgender women, it is dangerous to date them. As a trans woman, I want to be respected by everyone, and I think this is the common wish of all transgender women. We don't want to find someone to have fun, we need a serious partner for a long-lasting relationship. How to avoid trans fetishes online? This is a difficult problem for all transgender people, especially trans women. Everything you should do it to disclose your dating intentions and what are you looking for before dating. I will share more about transgender dating with you guys later.