False myths about transgender people

The transgender dating has been a point of contention, and when it comes to transgender people, many avoid the subject or say it with a frown. As a result, the problem won't go away anytime soon. It is puzzling that some people do not understand the meaning of the word transgender, but they are at the forefront of the opposition movement, to stir the public to oppose trans people. In fact, it may have a lot to do with the myth of transgender people. In general, transgender people are generally restless about their sexual orientation. These people have a huge conflict between their mental and physical identity. Let's take a look at some of the common myths surrounding trans people and correct them.

Transgender people have psychosis

Although some people's gender identity is at odds with their assigned gender, that doesn't make them mentally ill. Although transgender people face a struggle both mentally and physically, it doesn't drive them insane. This myth comes from a widely held view. Generally speaking, people should accept everything they are given by god, even if you don't like it, which includes your gender. If someone does not abide by this belief, then he or she is mentally abnormal. This is also ridiculous because many people now choose to have plastic surgery to change some of their features. What's the difference between this and a sex change operation? Some people simply assume that people with gender identity disorder can be cured by physical therapy rather than sex-reassignment surgery. So far, medication and physical therapy have not cured gender dysphoria.

Transgender people are gay

The myth was so well known that people who knew nothing about transgender people thought they were gay. Puritan society has been trying to stand on the moral high ground, confusing transgender people with gay people to confuse people's judgment. In fact, gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things, and associating sexuality with gender identity only reinforces the misconception that people have about transgender people. Gender identity refers to the gender we wish to express, and sexual orientation is the gender we are attracted to so that we become sexually aroused. In other words, what you want is your gender identity, and who you want to sleep with in the bed is your sexual orientation.

Trans women have had their penises removed

Actually, this myth comes from the patriarchal misogyny myth. In fact, the transgender woman's penis was not cut off. The myth also spawned a bias that transgender women suppressed their masculinity in order to become women, thereby reducing their status. In fact, that's not the case. During the procedure, the penis will be divided into three parts and then remade into the female genitals. In other words, their penises have not been completely removed, only some changes have been made to the original penises.