Helpful Tips to Date A Trans Woman

Transgender women are not men. Many people have a misconception about transgender women that they are not women but men. In fact, trans women are just women, just like your mom, sister, ex-girlfriend. Transgender women are no different than they are, so please respect trans women as much as you respect all women. These legally transgender women are particularly sensitive to all of this, and because so many men don't know it, approach them

inappropriately. As a matter of fact, if you find a girl who is supposed to be transgender starts talking about high sex at an early age, then you're probably talking to a man.

Transgender women are not transvestites or crossdressers. While some transgender dating sites may lump trans women and transvestites in the same category, understand that the two
are completely different. While it's true that there are many transvestites who want to mingle with transgender people, whether they are motivated by ignorance or simple dishonesty, that doesn't make them the same as transgender women. To them, they are both sex addicts and they are essentially men. Trans women are women. Transvestism is the tendency of men to fantasize about women.

At this point, don't treat transgender women as transgender as a way of life. It's no longer a "lifestyle," just like being any other type of woman (or man, for that matter). They don't have any choice to be themselves, they are themselves. In fact, no one would choose to be transsexual (especially given the huge obstacles they would encounter). But that was the topic of another day. Don't ask trans women about their genitals or other intimate questions. Although it is considered acceptable to ask a transgender girl whether she is normal before
or after surgery, this is not the case. Once you know her, she might let you know; No one wants to date someone who is no longer interested once their privacy is compromised. If you're worried about wasting your effort, say in a very tactful way that you're only interested in it and then give it up. If she's not the kind of person you're talking about, she's likely to politely decline your further invitation to spare you the effort.

Don't expect your trans date with a transgender woman to be any different than any other woman. In other words, unless she's a freak or a total slut, she's unlikely to make a fool of herself on the first few dates. Don't expect anything else, and don't be surprised if the dinner and drinks you
bought her aren't the price of her pants. Be a gentleman and she will be a perfect lady. Ultimately, it all comes down to respect, folks. Respect her as much as respect other women, and if your response is to treat all women as bitches, expect only those bitches to be interested. Personally, I think more people should go in that direction anyway. There are plenty of reliable escort agencies that deal with some pretty trans women who are willing to do whatever you want. If those of you who just want to hook up do so, it will certainly be easier for the rest of them.